Objects and strange flowers

I love to decorate the dinnertable. The winter is long and it will take a long time until I can pick flowers in the garden. So I made some strange flowers and objects I can use to decorate. I always collect sticks, cones and  bark when I am out in the woods or by the coast.
Today I took a great skillshare class by Tabitha Park: DIY Studio Photography Lightbox + Demo. I took only 20 minutes to make the lightbox and I had to took pictures of my strange flowers and a lot of other stuff right away. So much fun!

So schön

 Farben! Färg! Colours!
 There are so many of them. I could study them all day long.

The sun is shining and I am still inspired by the exhibition I saw last week at the Röhsska museum :  Margrethe Odgaard - winner of the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg prize 2016.

Have a beautiful day!


Hej from the house by the sea. I love to see how others live, what about you? Here some impressions of our place. I am working from home now, I want to show you photos from the studio soon. Still I am not shure if my creative powers have recovered after I lost so many designs. Make more backups is all I can say!

Hello again!

I haven't been active here over the last months. Sorry! Much has happened and I was concentrating on other things. If it's quiet around here, check out my instagram profile or my facebook account
For now I want to show you some pictures of the beautiful southern part of Sweden. My friends took me on a little roadtrip. We went down the westcoast from Gothenburg to Ystad and a bit further:

Bye bye summer!

Konstrundan i Majorna 2016

Konstrundan i Majorna 2016:
If you are in Göteborg, come and visit me at the Konstnärernas 
Kollektivverkstad this weekend! 
I will work there and show my new prints. Välkommna!

9-11 april
Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad
Sockerbruket 44, Göteborg

Spring is here

Although it' s rainy and grey outside, I am happy. Every winter in Sweden is a new challenge for me. It' s so cold and dark during the winter months and even though I came up with some strategies, they don't work all the time. But for now winter is over and I welcome  spring time!

I take a lot of walks and find plenty of inspiration for a new pattern I am  working on. It' s called Waldboden (forest soil). Oh, I am quite excited about it!

Beautiful structures and colours, don' t you think?