Yes! It' s a ...


You can win a really cool tote, screenprinted by myself! 

And the best is you can choose from 3 different versions! All you have to do is:
1) Like my blog on facebook
2) Tell me which one do you like (comment on facebook) and share it on facebook
The winner will be announced on fb on wednesday next week (9/08)!
Good luck!!

Saturday post

Do you love to scan as much as I do? I think to work with the scanner is essential for a textile designer.
No 1 : Vintage photo album page
No 2: Blueberry marks on paper
No 3 & 4: Photos of my parents
No 5: Wing of a dragonfly
No 6: Ticket 
No 7: Flower
Nr 8: Textile Tubes
Nr 9: Threads

Home Details

At home in Sweden. Das Zuhause. Sometimes I am at home in Germany. Sometimes I am at home somewhere else. It can be so good to travel and it can make me so tired. But it' s always good to arrive.

DIY: Coffee time!

It is very simple to beautify your skirt, bag or whatever with a little, funny pattern. I made a linoleum stamp (a little coffee cup) and printed it with craft ink on one of my old skirts. I was bored of the solid-colour fabric, but now it looks very cute!

 You need:
  - craft ink for fabric
  - linoleum
  - linoleum knife
  - Static cling mounting foam
  - acrylic block
Cut the linoleum stamp and press it on the adhesive side of the mounting foam.
Press your stamp piece on the acrylic blog. Now it is very easy to print!

Odds and ends

I have made some purses from the leftover fabric (the one I designed for my cushion collection).