stuff (usually uncountable, plural stuffs)
Miscellaneous items; things

I went around in the apartment and took pictures of funny and not so funny stuff...

1) Diy anchor
2) Hairy object
3) Picture with hair
4) Screen print
5) Embroidery threads
6) Letter 
7) Felt-mess
                                                               8) Ballon cat

Hello Thermal-copier!

I have a thermal-copier now! It is an easy way to make screens for screen print. Well, I still have to figure out which copies work best. I also have a china-marker and chinese ink, with them I can paint and draw on white paper, take the right size of the mesh and insert the "sandwich" in the copier. Now the screen is nearly ready, it just needs to be taped on a frame. This also works with black and white copies, but they have to be lasercopies and it depends on the brand of the printer how good it works. So here I need to experiment a lot. If you want to know more about the thermal-copier click here.

-Mr ersson and me had fun at our first printing session. It did not really work out with the  skull though...
Soon more!

Blueprint Experiments

I did some blueprint experiments, inspired by this blogpost.

Here you can see some prints of my parents (when they were young). The photos were first enlarged to A4 on a normal b/w printer.

Screen print projects

Pillowcases and curtains, some of them printed with a neon touch. I still like neon, but now it feels like a grey period is coming up.

Tour de Skara

 I went for a stroll on a beautiful autumn day in Skara. I found out that the antik store has new owners and new stuff to go through...look at the nice suitcase I found there.
They also have a tiny, cute dog. Do you see him? 

Wander without destination

Do you like to wander without destination?

 Here is a little guide that might inspire you:
Download it here.
By the way, the picture above I took when my friend Britta and me were strolling through Lissabon in 1999. I really like it a lot!