I got some mail from Germany. The new Eigenwerk magazin (unfortunately it's only available in German) and the Eigenwerk calender. It 's a really nice calender and if you are looking for a gift you can purchase it here.


   This is a new pattern, how do you like it?
   I updated my webpage:
   Take a look!

Grün, grün, grün...

 ...and a little bit of red! It's time for autumn decoration. In the second last picture you can see my new cup by Eszter Imre. She is a ceramic artist and designer, I've meet her when she prepared her exhibition at Friends of Form in Göteborg. Check out all the beautiful things she makes here.

Göteborg - Röda Sten

 Sunset at Röda Sten, Gothenburg. The last picture shows the view from Masthugget   Church.

Say hello

A very simple greetingcard-print-project. You need some blank cards and envelopes, a round stamp (linoleum, you can buy them ready made) and an ink-pad. I also had some neonstickers left...

Choose 3 colours and print your own little collection.Send them to friends and family. Just say hello!

Late summer evenings, the light is so beautiful. Perfect time to sit together and enjoy the city or the nature.
I made some kitschy designs today ( I used the 5th photo).
Happy friday everyone!

Wednesday pics - On the wall

I know it's thursday, but who cares!

White walls in the can hang and tape a lot of things on them and it will never get boring.
1) Knitted garland and little artworks
2) Flowers
3) Tape
4) Sewn drawing in embroidery frame


Hello people out there! Time to celebrate little steps:100 followers :)

You can win a set of 3 cards (100% Nina Schmalenbach Design)! Write a card instead of an e-mail!
All you have to do: Leave a comment here or on fb and tell me which of my products do you like most:

Good luck!

m o o d s & c o m p o s i t i o n s

   I gathered some stuff and arranged it on a sheet of paper.Voilà!

Wednesday pics

I will start a series called wednesday pics! I have so many pictures on my computer I would like to share.  They can be used as inspiration or for moodboards. If you use them please never forget to link back to my site!

Exhibition/ Friends of Form

Hej Göteborg! There is a new exhibition at Friends of Form in september! Come to the Vernissage on saturday 6th! Welcome!