Pattern Poster Give Away

There are new prints in my shop: Pattern posters! You can win a poster (pattern No 50). All you have to do is to like my fb page and tell me which one of the prints you like most. You can also leave a comment here! The winner will be announced this sunday. Good luck!

Solar Photopaper

Do you know Solar Photopaper? It is sensitive to ultra-violet light and you can make paper prints with a special touch. Just place any object on the paper and expose it 5-7 minutes in direct sunlight - wash the paper 2 minutes - let it dry on a flat surface.
Some objects work better than others, you have to experiment a little. Leaves and flat shapes are working good, but I also like the typographic-like print. I used those old neon coloured plastic letters for it (Pic No.3).

New Shop

Hej! My webshop is now online! You can buy unique design pieces there. Take a look and tell me what you think! My designs are printed on organic cotton - for the benefit of nature.

Messengers of spring

I live close to lake Hornborga where thousand of cranes rest and dance (yes, they do). They come from their winter quarters in Spain and will head further north. Soon they will arrive. I am looking forward to see them fly in the sky! It' s beautiful!

   I took the photos in autumn when the cranes went from north to south.