Watercolour & a hint of neon

Back to watercolour!
I bought some new masking fluid and now it's even more fun to paint.

Although I often redecorate the apartment, I still can find hints of neon everywhere.It' s not  over yet. I am working on a little series of pillows with neonpink drops. Oh yeah!

Bubble print

Pia and me made some Bubble prints!
If you want to try it:
Pour bubble solution onto a bottom of a plate and mix it with watersoluble paint. 
Blow some bubbles with a straw and touch them with a sheet of paper.


I live in Göteborg now! It is just great to live close to the water. We went to Hyppeln last week. This little island is located in the northern part of the Gothenburg archipelago. It takes 1 1/2 hours with the bus and ferry to get there. Hyppeln is also known as the Mackerel paradise. It is very small and quiet, just perfect to enjoy nature. In the evening we went outside to watch the sunset. Besides of the see there was nothing between us and the sun. Just great!

I made some colour moodboards from the pictures I took. 
I feel like I just want to be outside exploring Göteborg, but I need to sit down and work on my new designs!