Yes! I have to say a dream came true! I found a shared studio place in Göteborg! It's located in Majorna close to the harbour. I don't have a home office anymore and it feels great! The Studio is run by photographers Kim Svensson and Johanna Hedborg

I live in Majorna so it's just a 5 minute bike ride to get there.
I am very happy!

Marble DIY

The shoe print! Today I transferred a drawing of my shoe onto a screen and printed half of the kids shirt...The back side will follow. I think it looks very funny! What do you think? By the wy, the shirt is made of organic cotten and soon you can buy it at Friends of Form in Göteborg!

Normandie - Impressions I

We've been to France.
Lion sur mer - a little, sweet village by the sea. Colors? I found a lot of blue, white and sandy/beige. Weathered paint layers and rusty parts...