Grün, grün, grün...

 ...and a little bit of red! It's time for autumn decoration. In the second last picture you can see my new cup by Eszter Imre. She is a ceramic artist and designer, I've meet her when she prepared her exhibition at Friends of Form in Göteborg. Check out all the beautiful things she makes here.

Göteborg - Röda Sten

 Sunset at Röda Sten, Gothenburg. The last picture shows the view from Masthugget   Church.

Say hello

A very simple greetingcard-print-project. You need some blank cards and envelopes, a round stamp (linoleum, you can buy them ready made) and an ink-pad. I also had some neonstickers left...

Choose 3 colours and print your own little collection.Send them to friends and family. Just say hello!