Hello again/ on the wall

Hello again! I am back from Germany. The weather was not the best but who cares if you can meet your family and friends!
Now I am back in Göteborg and today I am working in the studio. Maybe I will take part in the Majorna Konstrundan here in Göteborg. I will know more on monday...Exciting!

The first thing I did at home yesterday was to change/ hang up some new pictures ( the first one is a design I made not so long ago):

 I have some new diy projects I want to show you soon. So long!


My bubble print diy was featured in the German magazine Eigenwerk! This issue is all about paper and it is filled with a lot of diy projects.


Another project of mine was featured here. It' s my 5-min cushion cover print-project.
    I printed a cushion cover for my sister this weekend. Very simpel, just dots in 2 different sizes and colours:

To give it a personal touch I made the most simpel label and sewed it in. It's just a piece of white cotten , folded and printed with an E (for Elena). I used a wooden rubber stamp for it:

This is another cushion cover I printed and sewed last weekend:

That's it for now! Sun is shining, it' s a wonderful day! I saw the first cranes coming back from the south this morning! It made me so happy :)
Have a nice day!

Bye bye Friends of Form

Did I tell you that we closed our little store called Friends of Form in the heart of Gothenburg? We were a group of designers running the store. It was a nice experience and I loved the cute backyard...Now it is time for something new! Bye bye!

Now you can find the store MUSIC LOVERS RECORDS there:

Music Lovers Records
411 15 Göteborg

5 Minute DIY: Drop-Garland

Hej! Today I want to show you a very simple DIY project: A garland made of felt ribbons.
You need:
felt ribbons (0,6 cm) 
hemp cord or any other kind of strong, thin cord

1) Cut the felt ribbons in different lenght: 19 - 23 cm
2) Tie a knot in the cord
3) Pass the needle through both ends of the little felt ribbon
4 ) Tie a knot next to the first drop
5) Repeat this every 10 cm

I made this garland for Emma! She was born in February. Welcome Emma! Now I am the proud aunt of three nieces and one nephew. ♡