Konstrundan - Part II - Captain Lala

When I went strolling around the sockerbruket I found a little exhibition in a corner that I really liked! The studio was abandoned but it still looked great. It was the space of LalaLaura or Captain Lala.
She came all the way from Melbourne to live and work in Göteborg. She loves to draw, bake, write and explore. I really love her style:

 Visit her webpage here. She also has a little Etsy store!


It' s good to play...
One from today' s photoshoot:

Soon you can order this pillows in my shop. Handprinted on organic cotton.

Konstrundan 2015 - Part I

Hej! As you already know we had the Konstrundan here in Majorna last weekend. I printed and showed my work at the KKV. On monday I visited some studios, which are located in the sockerbruket (sugar refinery). I saw so many great things and I want to share it with you. Do you know that I love ceramics? Look at what I found:

 A carpet made of washi tape.

I visited the studio of Carlotta Klingström, Johan Svanbom, Katarina Norrby, Anna Ulin, Marianne Hallberg and Masayoshi Oya. It is a great place filled with beautiful ceramics!

 Work by Charlotta Klingström. Beautiful, isn't it?! Check her blog here.

The working space of Masayoshi Oya

 Work by Masayoshi Oya. You want to know more? Click here!

I am a big fan of Marianne Hallberg too. It's a pity I didn' t had the time to take more pictures. I really recommend to take a look at her webpage here.

Konstrundan i Majorna 2015

Hej! I will participate in the Konstrundan i Majorna! I live in Majorna and I am really happy to join. It was an spontaneous idea, I am a member of the Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad in Götebörg and they asked me if I want to be a part of it. You will meet me in the textile department on the 4th floor! It' s a great place! Come by if you are around. A little preview of my creative output of the last 2 weeks:


 Hello there! Here is another simple print project. If you don' t have equipment for screen printing at home you can use this easy method to print a beautiful cushion cover. Everyone can print!

 What you need:
screen print colour (white opaque)

Instructions :
1)  Stick the tape on the fabric, you can use any simple geometric form.Press the tape, so you make clear that there will be no colour under it.
2) Take the sponge and apply the colour. The colour should be quite thick; opaque colours can be used on dark fabric (it covers perfectly).
3) Take the tape away and let the colour dry. Now you can fix the colour with an iron.