Eve Mattress/ Made in Britain

I have a new mattress! When I moved to Sweden I really had problems with swedish matresses. We went to a lot of stores, but I couldn' t find a mattress that I liked and that felt good. Now I want to show you a really nice mattress that was delivered to my door!
Perfect if you don't have a car like me. And even with a car it can be quite a project to buy a mattress. When I received the package I first thought that they sent me the wrong size because it seemed too small. But yes, it worked and it was the right size.

I have to say it looks good. Does it sound strange? Normally one doesn't really think about the look of a mattress, it's just important that it' s comfortable. Here it seemes like it is the first time that design and matress come together. The bright yellow side panels are a real eye-catcher and they are an additional supporter for the mattress. The bright yellow inspired me and I took some pictures with my cushions:

I have tested the mattress for about 2 weeks now and I am really happy with it. I was afraid that it might be too soft, because on the webpage they describe the mattress as medium-firm. But it is so comfortable! The matress is made of memory foam and an extra layer of natural latex that keeps you cool. The latex also provides a surface with more bounce.

The mattress was designed in London, Britian and I really like the fact that it is produced in Britain too:
The side fabric is woven, dyed and spun in Huddersfield and it' s made of 100% recycled fabric.
The mattress components (natural latex, memory foam and the cover) are assembled in Lancashire.

Do you want to know more? Have a look at the Eve webpage.
Here is the link to their german webpage.

 Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. Eve Matress asked me to test and review the mattress. They have send me a mattress with the opportunity to send it back if I don' t like it.

Print party

I met Jacob Nyberg at the print studio here in Göteborg. He is a swedish artist working with a lot of different materials. In the studio he is printing large format artworks on paper or wood. Before he prints different layers of organic forms he paints on the paper/canvas/wood to create abstract surfaces. I took some picture of his work in progress and I would like to show you:

Jacob Nyberg/ Work in progress

Jacob Nyberg/ Work in progress

Jacob Nyberg/ Work in progress

Jacob Nyberg/ Work in progress

Jacob had the idea to meet and work together. I am looking forward to this little print party. We have met last weekend and I think it' s inspiring to see how he works with screens and colour. I realized that I could work more spontanious and stop limiting myself...why shouldn't I uses textile colour on paper or just try any other color? Yes, I could destroy a screen if the colour dries to fast or is too thick but I could also create something new and different. It' s good to get messy sometimes!


As you probably now I am printing a lot of new cushion covers. Here is a little sneak peak...  I hope I can sew the others this week and release them in my webshop! You can see the paperprint on the wall too. I am printing a lot on paper lately...

Traces of color

Traces of color in the textileprint department :)