Happy new year!

I wish you all the best for the year 2016! May it be a happy and creative one, it's all there!

I prepared so many blogpost for december, but I wasn' t able to finish one of them! There was so much to do and now I am in Germany with my family and friends. 
I want to show you a little prewiev of the next upcoming blogpost. There will be also a culture night in Göteborg I want to write about, I will participate and I am shure it will be fun! We will move in january, february or march and it' s already very exciting.
As you can see there is a lot going on and I really hope I find time to tell you about everything!
But for now.... a little preview:

1) Handpainted fabric - cushion cover DIY
2) wax paper DIY
3) Packing presents inspiration
4) Say hello to the picnic pillow!
5) Anton's drawing - thermalcopier/ print 
6) Little travel-sketchbook DIY

Have a wonderful evening and take care!

On the wall - little DIY projects II

Today I want to show you Jonas' wall and a little DIY project:

The black triangels on the sides are made with Photoshop. The wall around the pictures is actually white!
1) Wooden triangels mad by my mothers uncle, Johannes Scharfenstein
2) A Drawing from my mother (when she was young)
3) A postcard I bought in the museum Ludwig/ Cologne
4) Picture I drew when I did a folder presentation course
5) Hanging vase from Tiger
6) Singing rabbit, watercolor picture I made for Jonas
7) Sorry, I don't know who made this (if you do, let me know)
8) Today's little DIY project:  A hexagon painted with blackboard paint

Mark the end points of a hexagon on the wall (with a pencil)
You can draw the hexagon on paper first, cut it out and use it as a template, don' t draw on the wall directly. Connect the end poits with painter' s masking tape. Now you can paint the inner surface with blackboard paint. Let it dry overnight and paint it again.

We made some changes some weeks ago. I bought a record-frame and now Jonas is changing the recordcover from time to time. At the moment it' s Tom Waits, I really like the arrangement! We were inspired by my brother who has a Vinyl of the week thing: every week he hangs up a new cover on the wall and listens to the record!

Bye Bye!

On the wall - Little DIY project

I want to show you my new arrangement of pictures on my wall. I like to change pictures from time to time and the little diy - project I want to write about today is perfect for that:

It's a cotton stretched canvas you can buy in art supply stores or sometimes at the Baumarkt. You don't need a high quality one. Paint it with blackboardpaint (2 times, 24 h between the two coatings) and it is ready for your to draw on it! I used white chalk and painted a little pattern. 

Here is another picture:

And another one:

It' s fun! Have a nice weekend!