Hej from the house by the sea. I love to see how others live, what about you? Here some impressions of our place. I am working from home now, I want to show you photos from the studio soon. Still I am not shure if my creative powers have recovered after I lost so many designs. Make more backups is all I can say!

Hello again!

I haven't been active here over the last months. Sorry! Much has happened and I was concentrating on other things. If it's quiet around here, check out my instagram profile or my facebook account
For now I want to show you some pictures of the beautiful southern part of Sweden. My friends took me on a little roadtrip. We went down the westcoast from Gothenburg to Ystad and a bit further:

Bye bye summer!

Konstrundan i Majorna 2016

Konstrundan i Majorna 2016:
If you are in Göteborg, come and visit me at the Konstnärernas 
Kollektivverkstad this weekend! 
I will work there and show my new prints. Välkommna!

9-11 april
Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad
Sockerbruket 44, Göteborg

Spring is here

Although it' s rainy and grey outside, I am happy. Every winter in Sweden is a new challenge for me. It' s so cold and dark during the winter months and even though I came up with some strategies, they don't work all the time. But for now winter is over and I welcome  spring time!

I take a lot of walks and find plenty of inspiration for a new pattern I am  working on. It' s called Waldboden (forest soil). Oh, I am quite excited about it!

Beautiful structures and colours, don' t you think?

A swedish home

I want to show you the apartment of Annie, Robert and Nea. They live on the upper floor of this beautiful house. The apartment is beautiful too, wooden floors and a looooooot of space! 

I directly fell in love with these textile sight protections. Annies grandmother made them. Aren't they beautiful?


The winterlight is gone. It feels so good to know that spring is just around the corner. Yes, we had a little snow some days ago, but it's a lot about the light. The sun shines stronger and longer. 

Weekend Impressions

Some pictures from the last weekend:

1 - 3 Göteborg/ Winterwonderland
4 - 9 Kulturnatt 2016, Working at the KKV Göteborg